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What does swag mean to you?

Many times when the word swag or the term swag is used within the Hip hop on pop culture than it is referring to the context of the apparel or the clothes or The shoes or the jewelry or the just over or anything that makes you look like you have the vibes of coolness that people are drawn to.

Do you have that cocky braggadocious swag attitude like you can’t see me my swaggers in the way might get blinded by my side in shiny jewelry?

Or do you see swag for more more deeper level deeper than the superficial platonic where it’s more I saw something that includes Something from deep within your character your personality your soul your spirit of your essence is the fiber of your being.

Well however you turn the word swag just know that we here at the supplier will have the whatever expression in the means for you to get it out.

Shout shout let it all out these are the things that I’m telling you about

In the world for the good in the world look bad in the world for the beauty in the world for the pain there’s still the occurrences and people will still in the show the love that they show that they have for what they live for.

So swag on young soldier. If you want updates and advice on how to make sure you are ready likes a ready rider to scoot and swag like this.

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Fly Star Status


If you want to soar with the Eagles you have to separate from the pigeons.

The road to greatness or to the status of elite, is lined with many steps, which we want to make sure you take in the right shoes.

Friends don’t let friends wear anything less than the best. So what kind of friends will you be a queen I did not have we suggest that you are at have the opportunity to wear the shoes that we offer to fulfill the necessities that you have as an athlete.

So your make the decision that a quote en quote normal life full of predictability is not the life that suits your vision and ambition so you set out to rise till the elite status is yours.

We’re all for it and we support that decision, but not only in words, but in deeds as we are a prime connection when it comes to bring able to prepare your feet for the oncoming steps.

Have you ever started a journey not quite fully knowing what to expect once you get underway?

That why proper preparation precedes peak performance, while poor Practice habits lead to subpar results.

But here at the Jordan heel shoes, we are fashioned for the long haul type of journeys that are designed to test the limits of your capacity to see if you really have it on you to do whatever is necessary to progress towards your goals and destinations.

And our biggest focus here is to encourage you as we gently remind you that we’ve got your back. And your feet covered, and we’re here for when you’re ready.

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Shoes tight, belly full



Okay so it’s game day, nothing too heavy, but just enough that can be eaten with ease

Okay okay we get it if we had any kind of adeptness or awareness of What’s been going on in the current state of the hip-hop and we already know that Twitter fingers turn to trigger fingers.

Yes we know there are many ways that you can strengthen your digits and Allow your grip to become stronger even there for allowing you to have more powerful and decisive handshakes leaving an authoritative impression.

Hands can be used for a variety of different uses from sports and athletics to even Putting up a fist to show your resilience and defiance in revolution, the hands can be used musically whether you’re playing The piano are playing the drums or guitar or playing the saxophone to play the sound of one of the host any other musical instruments that utilize the used and the skilled use of your fingers and hands.

That’s why it’s not a surprise that finger foods are such a big hit for your games.

Whether it’s deviled eggs or sausages in a blanket or even little Triscuit crackers with cheese in the other kind of delicacy toppings, we have to applaud the convenience, creativity, and all out deliciousness that we can find in these little trinkets of awesomeness created to be consumed using no cutlery.

This is where you can not only find ideas that can lead to you wanting to find recipes, but a good place to be hands down.

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Professional Athletics Association

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Studying the rules of the game.

In a way that allows the requirements to be met while still maintaining an upbeat posture that purposes movement towards destined ends.

To get everything right in my system to have clarity in everything that I produce as I pace myself for the long haul in the game.

So pacing for the long haul even means accepting the fact that there needs to be things done in the short term in the immediate and so not forsaking the necessity of what has to be done.

And maintain the ability to keep the intensity of your endeavor or whatever it is that you are doing even when you’re reaching the near finish line.

Professional Athletic Quality Traits.

So the question that I want to ask compose to whoever’s eyes married to this blog to be able to read these words that are coming out of the premises of my brain the question I want to ask you, Is where do you see yourself going with in the time allotted that you have left in this earth?

What we can study the great and we can be inspired by the accomplishments in the sheets from the professional athletes or even professional great people who are all across different endeavours of life.

And we realize and come to the grips that we have no excuse for any kind of limitations when I see that people have risen from less than we have there’s always been someone with less yet have been able to find a reliable source of good information that I’ve been able to help shape them into rise the ranks of the levels of the elite

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The Iverson Jordan Crossover

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As Great As Michael Jordan became, the tune he was crossed over by a young Allen Iverson remains as a special moment in the sport.

Sometimes it pays to be able to just pause and stop and reflect over the list of the heroes that have influenced you growing up.

And then even be on that as you scroll through the highlight reels of the plays the brilliant plays with a brilliant oratory speeches or the brilliant movies.

Whatever it was that immortalized them into your memory and into your personal Hall of Fame that has impressed you growing up.

And then sometimes come back into the present and look at them right now and look at the state of their affairs and learn from their life’s career.

Iverson was A passionate Player.

Iverson was like one of those rare players that would come into the game for the so much heart and so much the nasty and on top of the skill they would just leave so much emotion on the floor it’s that that would be connected with the fans.

And there was a time earlier on in Iverson square when was Fresh rookie straight out of wherever college he came from and Was playing against the team that the already established Michael Jordan was on.

And even as we make a point to celebrate the accomplishments and the feat of the icon that MJ is, Sometimes we wonder that what was the difference in why Iverson’s able to be in this stage of his post career and be financially broke

Many would argue, it’s because he doesn’t have us selling his shoes,, lol

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That which is Unfailing


Just how the Parent brand Nike stands strong for Air Jordan shoes, do we need that covering that gives us strength.

In the world of athletics in fashion, Nike is a strong Name that carries considerable weight when it comes to apparel and all things sports wear.

The scenario that I want you to imagine is the Instance of an ambitious designer submitting some patterns to be approved So as to hopefully make the product shelves when you get to get into distribution and manufacturing.

It is the angle that people usually do not typically normally think about when it comes to The process that most of the products take from its conceptual stage into reality.

So we can get even deeper into the scenario realize the big breakthrough that occurs when the duty of the letter in the mail of approval and maybe it’s a big thing For the ambitions of the designer who has spent so much time Behind the scenes putting in work perfecting his craft to finally see this breakout.

But what really happens when his work hits the shelves of the stores, Is that his work is now under the banner of an under the covering of the Nike brand therefore coming into the game with weight based of association that would be accreditation hard to obtain elsewhere.

So it is with us in our lives and on the road coming and going, we can move around in darkness, or connect to the light and benefit from its power.


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If they’re praying for your downfall


That means you’re a boss, Even Jesus had haters, they put him on the cross.

As we know Michael Jordan heavily influenced the game of basketball and has Inspired the dreams of many young aspiring players who dreamed Dancing to the rhythm of the sport with the acrobatic and athletic style That they have grown to love.

And as we all know Michael Jordan in the his athletic career has heavily inspired and motivated the fashion industry as well as we can see through the heavy presence of his shoes and clothing in the culture.

What one of the young athletic hopefuls that has been Impressed and influenced by Michael Jordan’s illustrious career is the none other than LeBron James also known as the king was came into the game with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron James came into the scene many thought that he was the reincarnation of Michael Jordan even though michael Jordan is still living but nevertheless he just appeared To be the new beast in the game even though he came into the professional league straight out of high school and yet still found his stride rather quickly.

How to stay focused in the midst of doubters.

Do not think for one second that the nerves of all the professional athletes are not rattle when they step into the territory of the opposition to realize that they have to play their A game in A high pressure situation where the opposing team is booing and cheering to see them fall.

That’s why we have the shoes for you to stand tall in when you are making a stand.

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Greatness Relates


The Greatness that we like to capture in our footwear transcends a specific sport.

Michael Jordan is awesome he will forever be a staple that is consistent with the names that are greatness in any of Legend ever.

His brand and his athletic achievements have spurred many different styles and fashion that influence culture of this young generation.

However although we do have our premier Jordan line that is the staple of most of our sales, We do want to acknowledge the greatness across the other athletic scales that have influenced dope styles in the clothing line.

They Call Him The Greatest.

Now out of all of the names that are synonymous for greatness it is hard to have this conversation without bringing it up you want it is only Cassius Clay also known as Muhammad Ali.

Who stood as a witness in an ambassador before God and before men who would represent his faith to the upmost in the midst of them who wanted To see him bow down and compromise his standards for their needs and agendas.

Therefore we want to propose the line that is inspired by the greatest in the boxing world which is the Muhammad Ali clothing line That we offer at our retail offices in on our online stores in which we are writing to make you aware of it here in our blogs.

The main idea that we want to suggest in this piece of writing is that greatness relates whether it is in whatever form or fashion of whatever


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Welcome to the flight club


This is a premier exclusive club.

Reserved for those individuals to know that they fly in the sky so high and they’re never coming down because the air so much thinner at the top of the view so much better and for everything That comes with elevating out of the common territory of the ground level because it’s so congested.

Now there is a prerequisite in order to be inducted into the level of the flight club is that you have to pay dues you have to earn your pilot stripes to be able to get there.

At Jordan’s heel shoes we understand that everybody has the desire To reach higher to climb higher into unknown heights and the aim is to surpass any plateau to the man previously known as the highest before reaching the top.

This is all what flight club is all about.

Maybe work regular job maybe you working fast food industry make it with a restaurant maybe you sit in the cubicle maybe you like to answer phones and respond to peoples questions all day.

Well it is our job and our mission to be able to live allow you to have that feeling and experience of being a star if even for a day to have that super star experience while in our shoes.

And if anyone has ever told you that you couldn’t walk a mile in our shoes please best believe it that is not a slogan that we carry around here.

Keep flying..

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Make It Rain


The Bigger You build..

The harder you fall, but only if you don’t dig deep into the foundation to allow the roots to strengthen the structure.

And nowadays you can look at steph curry who many consider is really taking over the game similar to how Jordan did in his prime.

Now they make it rain this inside in the title is not necessarily referring to the act that happens in the clubs when he leaves furniture down for balance happens.

Well the least furniture down for balance happens or did I necessarily mean to say the torrential downpour that occurs in gentlemen’s clubs.

Exceedingly and abundantly..

Its going to have to be the my friends but I have to be to pull of resource when you say exceedingly And abundantly to have the resources to go to make a rainbow After the rain but when we’re talking about making in this context relating to basketball so therefore let me change the station back down the basketball the relaxer what time is that’s correct.

Take note when Stephen curry steps back take that reliable three-point shot and pull the trigger that has defeated so many foes throughout the history of his career.

No if you will take note if we’re talking about Michael Jordan Or if we’re talking about Steph Curry you will notice that it Is up most important and paramount to consider the position of the feet and the sureness of the grip of the soles of the shoes that are being worn.

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